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Social Media Marketing Packages

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Starter Package

This is starter level package

This is for those businesses & professionals who are just starting in social media. It includes all the services that are 'must' for every business. The Quality & Quantity

offers great value.


Premium Package

This is intermediate level package

Premium Package is for the businesses that are above average in terms of ambition, aggressive marketing & Growth Plans. This is ideal to take your business to the

NEXT Level.


Business Package

This is highest level package

Business Package is for businesses who want best of everything & in more quantities. This is for explosive Growth in your online presence & profits.

Marketing Campaigns

Lead Generating Marketing Campaigns with Greatest ROI

  • Paid Campaigns
  • Sequential Email Campaigns
  • Contests Campaigns
  • Survey Campaigns
Paid Campaigns

Paid Campaigns

One who can pay to get a customer, wins in business

Paid ads on Google Ads & Facebook are the quickest ways to new Customer Acquisition. We help you generate quality leads with minimum ads spend. That helps in getting best ROI on your advertising money spent on paid ads campaigns.

Sequential Email Campaigns

Sequential Email Campaigns

Big profits are in effective followups

Most of the customers need more than 4 -5 contacts with your company or brand. Then only they start noticing you, trusting you. You make these contacts via sequential email marketing. Of course this is a long term strategy for savvy business owners.

Contests Campaigns

Contests Campaigns

People love to contest & people love to win prizes

Contests are the modern way of engaging, attracting & involving your target customers in your products or offerings. Proper contests can penetrate through online clutter to your target customer with much less costs and lesser time.

Survey Campaigns

Survey Campaigns

Everybody has opinion & everybody thinks it counts

Survey Campaigns is an excellent method to reach target customers who otherwise wouldn't respond to generic marketing responses. You not only get valuable feedback from this but also an entry into the mind of customers.

Brand Builders

Enhance Your Brand & Make it more visible & more prominent

  • Brand Assets
  • Brand Signature
  • Brand Graphic Ads
  •     Brand Videos   
Brand Assets

Brand Assets

Brand Assets for your promotions

This includes 30 Brand Assets i.e. Promotional Ads for your product, company or service. Get an immediately usable, professionly designed & impressive Brand Assets.

Brand Signature

Brand Signature

Connect with your customers

Your Brand Signature instantly makes your customers & prospects connect with you. Out clients are using this as primary promotional Tool.

Brand Graphic Ads

Brand Graphic Ads

Exclusive. High Quality Graphic Ads

Get your branded Graphic Creative ads in packs of 0, 20 or 30. These are specially designed for you. And these are exclusive means only you'll get these.

    Brand Videos   

Brand Videos

Enhance Brand Value with Brand Videos

Get your branded videos for your products, company or your services. You receive 3 Videos to enhance your brand image.

Videos Creation

Chose from 4 Types of Videos for Your Business

  • Sales Videos
  • Hand Drawn Videos
  • Animated Videos
  •     Interactive Videos   
Sales Videos

Sales Videos

Proven. Effective. Persuasive.

The main aim of sales videos is to generate desired response, to make viewer take action. Get your sales videos with proven & effective & persuasive sales

message in it.

Hand Drawn Videos

Hand Drawn Videos

Best for explainer videos

These are best to engage your viewers & are normally used to explain things or concepts. Extremely effective & enjoys much better viewership than other type of videos.

Animated Videos

Animated Videos

Ideal for promotional videos

These are best for promotions, offers & sales. You can get your videos that helps you in promoting your products or services to your target audiences.

    Interactive Videos   

Interactive Videos

Interact with customers via videos

These videos are created & hosted on our service providers. Call to action, Opt-in forms are placed inside the videos. Very effective in building your opt-in list with videos.

Industry Reports

Be on top with industry & competitor's insights

  • Top Websites Chart
  • Top Videos Chart
  • Top Viral Videos Chart
  • Top Images Chart
Top Websites Chart

Top Websites Chart

Get insights about your Industry/Niche's Top Sites 

These report contains details of your competitor's websites to the extent even they cannot imagine. You can ethically use this info to your advantages by incorporating it in your website. This kind of data is very hard to get. We do it for you - Legally & Ethically.

Top Videos Chart

Top Industry Videos

Indepth Video Analysis of your industry

Videos are best for engagement & consumption of your content. Access detailed analysis of Top Videos by Industry's Leaders or Your Competitors. Ethically spy on their video promotion strategies.

Top Viral Videos Chart

Top Viral Videos

Get Videos Strategies of your competitors

By definition, viral videos cannot be planned or created. They just go viral. But you can analyze them in your industry & use those for creating your own video content.

Top Images Chart

Top Social Posts

Learn what your competitors posting on social media

Learn about the exact creatives your competitors are using & the kind of engagement they get on their posts on social media. Comparing these gives you edge over them.

Data & Analysis Services

Grow your business with on time & proper data

  • FB Page Analysis
  • Website Audit
  • Youtube Channel Analysis
  • Google Ranking Analysis
FB Page Analysis

FB Page Analysis

Indepth Facebook Page Analysis

You'll get VERY detailed analysis of Facebook Page - Yours or your competitors. Page Likes,, most engaging posts, best time to post their page audience insights. Everything.

Website Audit

Website Audit

Website audit from marketing angle

Your website is crucial once someone visits it. Web designers are technically sound but they normally miss marketer's view points. We'll audit your website from technical & marketing angles, both. This helps you in getting better ROI from your website.

Youtube Channel Analysis

Youtube Channel Analysis

Small changes. Big difference.

Get detailed analysis of your channel. Optimized Youtube channel is essential in getting better views & subscribers.

Google Ranking Analysis

Your Site Rankings

This is must if you're thinking of SEO

Your website's Ranking Analysis will show you the keywords you're ranking in Google. You'll be surprised to see the results most of the times. You can use this to improve SEO Activities.

Chatbots & Messenger Bots

Technology to serve you 24 x 7 with most accuracy

  • Website Chatbot
  • FB Messenger Chatbot
Website Chatbot

Website Chatbot

Your 24 x 7 Assistant

Get your Trusty, Reliable & Never tiring assistant that works 24 x 7 - your website Chatbot. Website Chatbot is automation at it's best. It works for you & improves

results for you.

FB Messenger Chatbot

FB Messenger Chatbot

Interact with your Customers on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is widely used for personal & business communication. Jump on this with your messenger Chatbot. It increases your customer interaction tremendously.


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